Bring the world into your classroom

Beyond book smart and more than street smart, our children need to be world smart - ready, able and wanting to interact with the wider world in a positive and constructive way. By moving beyond geography, flags, and basic facts, One Globe Kids offers a unique and intimate approach to multi-cultural and global education. 

Make Global Education Easy & Fun

Designed for use by the busy, active teacher, the All Friends app and the Online Friends platform include free Education Toolkits,  in-depth teaching supports that will get kids moving and thinking.  Easily adapted for your classroom, you can for each country that compliment the interactive features within each story. 

  • Story Behind the Story - details from our "making-of" adventure in each country 
  • Discussion Guide - themes based on each story that encourage conversation in the classroom
  • Discussion Guide Teacher's Aid - background on themes covered in the Discussion Guide
  • Activities - Experience, culture, math, writing and taste activities for each country
  • Reading, Speaking, and Listening - questions to help students recall key details and relate them to their own lives

Make the Foreign Feel Familiar

Unlike other multi-cultural and global education resources, One Globe Kids makes global learning a personal experience by bringing users as close as possible to their real peers around the globe. Each feature was developed to help kids draw connections between their life and that in countries such as Haiti, The Netherlands, Burundi and Indonesia.  

By focusing on one country per month with your classroom, you don't have to rush but can still create an emotionally-rich experience for your students.  

  • Work with other teachers or let your class choose where they want to visit each month.  
  • Share-read the stories from each country on the smart board or online. 
  • Incorporate the reading, writing, math, and cultural activities into your regular lesson plans whenever you have time and it makes sense. 
  • Use the dicussion guides and experience activities to reinforce student thinking and perspective-taking.

Check our these Classroom Case Studies to learn how other teachers integrated One Globe into their curriculum:

- Power of Story telling - 2nd grade - UNIS New York, NY, USA

- Global Education - grade 1-4 - Elm Tree Elementary - Bentonville, AR, USA

21st-Century Skills at a Global Level

Global competency, social and emotional intelligence, creativity and adaptive thinking, and perspective-taking are all skills that our children will need to succeed in the 21st century.  By approaching global education through personal stories, One Globe Kids offers the opportunity to strengthen and expand these key skills. Actively seeking similarities between their lives, discussing how friends feel in a particular situation and how they would feel in that situation, and brainstorming ways to solve each other's problems, are just a few ways the stories can be used.  One Globe Kids is designed to promote the openness, curiosity and ability to empathize that new generations need to succeed in our globalized world.