Pilot for teachers

Fall 2016

We're looking for forward-thinking elementary / primary school teachers and classrooms to join us this fall. We know that One Globe Kids will complement your existing language arts, math, social studies and geography curriculum.  Our stories and support materials are living resources which we are continually reviewing and revising to ensure that they align with national and international standards including Common Core, ISTE, WIDA, NCSS, and P21 with further standards alignments in development. 

One Globe Kids is in global partnership with university teams to research how our materials can be a powerful tool to tackle bias and prejudice and increase tolerance in young children, while also building language arts competencies.  Our pilot aims to build on that work to inform how our tool can be improved for greater effectiveness. With your participation in this pilot, you will help us gather information on how to improve our materials to encourage empathy, global citizenship and the celebration of diversity among the youngest learners. In return, we will give you free access and support while you and your students explore the world with our One Globe Kids education materials. 

Check out these Classroom Case Studies from two of last years pilots, to learn how other teachers integrated One Globe Kids into their curriculum:

- Power of Story telling - 2nd grade - UNIS New York, NY, USA

- Global Education - grade 1-4 - Elm Tree Elementary - Bentonville, AR, USA

The Details

Your class receives

Up to 5 One Globe Kids- All Friends apps ($50 value) incl:

- currently 9 real-life stories from children in 6 countries (Haiti, Indonesia, USA, The Netherlands, Israel and Burundi) and more will be added in the future.
- 5 Education Toolkits containing:

  • Discussion themes - drawn from each story, the themes offer thought-provoking questions appropriate for even the youngest minds
  • Activities guides - bring each story and country to life with activities that easily integrate into your on-going teaching (writing, math, culture, experience, taste)
  • Story Behind the Story - the "making-of" adventures from each location
  • Read, Listen & Speak - key detail recall for students
  • Tips for your classroom including how to integrate global activities into your normal teaching
Your class gives 
  • Feedback via 3 online surveys on how your class uses the app, how we could improve the materials and observations you have noted in select behaviours and attitudes of your students. 
  • Honest, teacher-written reviews of our app, posted to our choice of education sites, like Common Sense Media, Common Sense Graphite, Apple App Store, EdShelf, or other.
  • Input to write a Class Case Study for future users of our materials. 


Click on the link below to go to the sign-up form.


All submissions for the 2016 pilot must be received by November 1st, 2016.  

We reserve the right to exclude pilot participants and rescind the app privileges if abuse of any type is suspected.  If you have any questions about the pilot, please send an email to education (at) oneglobekids (dot) com.

We can't wait to learn and explore with you!