Friends Around the Globe

Spin the globe and visit real children around the world with One Globe Kids!  App Friends and Online Friends invite you to play their games, learn their language and share their food. It is safe, interactive, international travel from your living room - perfect for world explorers from ages 3 to 99 years!

One Globe Kids is designed to foster curiosity and openness, preparing children for success in the globalized world.

Multiple Ways to Meet Friends

App Friends

Download the free One Globe Kids app via Apple App Store and visit Valdo in Haiti and Larasati in Indonesia for FREE.  Visit other new friends around the world via $1.99 in-app purchase - you choose when and where you want to go.  Once on your device, you can take them anywhere! 



Purchase the  One Globe Kids - All Friends app to get ALL currently available friends and all future friends,  from all available countries for only $9.99! Perfect for classrooms, homeschooling and to get all stories at once: Haiti, Indonesia, The Netherlands, Burundi, Israel, USA (New York City) and more soon.


Online Friends

Online Friends are available through the One Globe Friends Online Platform. You will find two friends, Valdo in Haiti and Larasati in Indonesie, already waiting for you and others available for $1.99. Online Friends are available wherever you access the internet.  They are also the ideal way to share world stories in a classroom or with groups of children via a smart board or beamer.  Summer 2018, we will launch a new One Globe Kids Online Friends platform, including access to a FREE K-2 ELA curriculum. Follow our social media to be in the know!

One Globe Kids Features

  • Real-kid stories from around the globe – Told child-to-child with full-color photographs and narration in English, French and Dutch.
  • Introduction to new languages – Each kid-host teaches basic phrases and counting in their own language (Dutch, Kreyol, Kirundi, Hebrew, Arabic…).
  • Interactive, you decide what you want to do: Listen to or read a story; Record and listen to yourself speaking new languages; Tell your new friends about yourself and listen to your recorded conversation; 
  • Put yourself and your friends/family on the globe - visualize where you live compared to your new international friends.
  • Globe-smart facts – learn interesting, kid-friendly facts about each country you visit.
  • Child-friendly navigation – Easy for non-readers by using icons and audio to navigate and listen to the story. If you know how to read, you might like the option to read your friends’ stories without their help.