National Standards


Find out how One Globe Kids education materials align with your national standards?

One Globe Kids will complement your existing language arts, math, social studies and geography curriculum.  Our stories and support materials are living resources which we are continually reviewing and revising to ensure that they align with national and international standards including Common Core, ISTE, WIDA, NCSS, and P21.  Our stories and support materials have been developed to align with appropriate pedagogy for children in early childhood and early elementary settings, students and pupils ages 4 tot 10.

For the UK Key Stages 1 & 2 

With help of the Educational App Store we aligned our materials with KS 1 & 2 English and Geography/History. Click the link here to learn more. 

For The Netherlands Groep 1 tot en met 6

With help of the onderwijskundigen of Ven Leertrajecten we aligned our materials with the Dutch education system. Click the link here to learn more. 


If you are interested in a specific country please let us know!