One Tool, Many Uses

As anyone who interacts regularly with children knows, you can discuss the same topic in many different ways, especially as a child grows and has an increased ability to understand complex topics.

For K-5: OGK was designed for children, including those too young to read by themselves.  It is fully narrated and includes simple icons so users can easily navigate the series without help.  It is written in simple language, yet new and/or complex topics are right below the surface, ready for exploration by older students.

Draw connections: We recommend visiting more than one friend because it enhances the ability to discuss what children have seen and learned.  You can then reinforce the global benefits of the series by drawing simple connections between their lives and the lives of your students.

Discuss: The series can serve as an entry point to discussing many different topics, from basics (such as morning routines around the world) to more complicated topics (such why it takes so long for one child to get to school or how life would be different without electricity).  One of the most unique things about this series is how it makes these types of topics approachable while imparting a positive, open, and non-judgmental view of our world.  Our discussion themes and listening and speaking questions can be of assistance.

iPad or computer:  The stories are available for the iPad, iPhone and online. The latter might be a good option if you like to use your classroom computer and smartboard.

Follow up: We have found that children independently return to the stories and interactive features of the series when given "iPad time," so using it alone or with a parent or caregiver at home is encouraged.  Don't necessarily expect students to bring up what they've seen or heard in the very short term.  It can take time for this information and this experience to settle.  Rest assured, it's not forgotten and will be brought up again, sometimes when you least expect it.